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Wedding Dress Trends 2019

Wedding Dress Trends 2019

Deciding on a summer wedding is bliss! In fact, wedding dress trends 2019 have been minimized to a selective fashion design statement which you should keep in mind if you are the bride this season.  For example, the sequins and bead style wedding dresses are running the bridal runways this season. Additionally, strapless and embellished dresses are too. If a wedding date is saved and you plan on tying-the-knot, then these are the wedding dress trends 2019 update.


What was found online in various wedding guides was during fashion week. In “all things bride,” there are either shiny and frockly or minimal embellished with major accessories on the dress. In other words, a necklace, a gorgeous hair up-do, or silky and sophisticated (and fitted) summer gowns. These are a few of the trends 2019 wedding brides can look forward in seeing. Additionally, they are naturally perfect for those planning on getting married during a summer evening.


Following dress trends in 2019 will force you to cascade delicates with a few crystals and maybe a floral headband. In general, and in regard to embellishments, other elements seen in wedding dress trends 2019 are textured blooms sewn within the dress. It signifies the “summer blooms.” These types of material embellishments look classy when designed and embedded around the shoulder area. Although “less is more” which means a few will look nice, not an entire bouquet!

Wedding Dress Trends 2019

Other wedding dress trends for 2019 are the “plunging V-neck and crystal tulle insets.” Which far exceed the beautification of any bride when worn in a summer afternoon or evening.


Nevertheless, colors are in! Therefore, light pastels are nice in the summer but if you opt for dark, it’s your wedding! For instance, you might have some blue or purples hues in your color scheme. As a result, you can go lighter and select lavender which is trending right now.

Finally, wearing the wedding trends for 2019 doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep it minimal since this is what is being seen around the wedding guides and told by wedding coordinators in the industry.